Pratt Recycling works with businesses and communities across the U.S. to help divert more than 3 million tons of materials from landfill every year. It has 16 modern recycling facilities and an operational footprint from New York to California.


Pratt Recycling is a Pratt Industries company that works with communities and businesses across America to maximize landfill diversion by Harvesting the Urban Forest. The rapidly-expanding division has recycling and recovery facilities in eight states – and our operational footprint stretches from New York to California.


Pratt Recycling is a part of Pratt Industries, the 5th largest corrugated packaging company in the USA and the world’s largest, privately-held producer of 100% recycled containerboard. Pratt Recycling Division is a full service recycler with 19 recycling facilities. Pratt utilizes the paper products collected in the production of its 100% recycled content paper and packaging solutions. Our mission is to create sustainable recycling solutions for our customers that maximize waste diversion, create cost savings and revenue stream for valuable recyclables previously landfilled, all the while minimizing the environmental impact by preserving natural resources for future generations.

Every year Pratt diverts 3 million tons of paper, other recyclable materials and waste-to-clean energy materials from the landfill. Some items that cannot be recycled are used as fuel for Pratt’s clean energy plant which powers the paper-making process. We close the loop!


Pratt Industries recycles a wide range of materials which are collected in our Residential, Community, Commercial and Industrial recycling programs. The paper and corrugated products collected from these recycling programs are used as raw materials for our five paper mills — and returned in the form of sustainable, 100% recycled content packaging for your community.

We accept a variety of recyclable materials including all types of paper, newspapers, magazines, catalogs, office paper, books, corrugated cardboard and mail. Additionally, we accept LDPE film, PET and steel banding, pallets, plastic containers (# 1-7 as well as other types of plastics), aluminum cans, and steel cans.


Recycling Solutions and Business

Our vision for your business is simple: ZERO WASTE! At Pratt Industries Recycling, we know that recycling is the gateway to sustainability. We never take a “one size fits all” approach to your recycling needs. We create unique solutions for each business we serve. Our team of specialists will visit your facility and conduct a waste assessment to determine the right solution for your business. Pratt will assist your company in developing and implementing a plan that will make recycling easy while promoting growth in employee participation. Whether your goal is simply to recycle your corrugated cardboard or a more ambitious initiative to move toward zero-waste, we have a solution for you.

Every year Pratt Industries diverts 3 million tons of paper, other recyclable materials and waste-to-clean energy materials from the landfill. For many items that cannot be recycled, Pratt uses these as fuel for its Clean Energy plant in Conyers, Ga., producing the energy needed to operate its 100% recycled mill.

Mixed Paper Recycling

Pratt Recycling offers mixed paper recycling programs that provides an easy-to-follow solution for your paper recycling needs. Your company can recycle all types of paper with no sorting necessary. We accept newspapers, magazines, office paper (white or colored), junk mail, catalogs, books and corrugated cardboard.

Source Separated – Baled Recycling

For our larger producers of paper and corrugated cardboard, Pratt offers customized recycling programs to suit your needs, such as dropped trailers, flat-bed trailer services and equipment, including balers, shredders, choppers and a myriad of other recycling equipment. The end-result: maximum landfill diversion.

Single Stream Recycling

Convenience and ease of participation makes commercial single-stream recycling an effective solution for the recycling needs of businesses. Whether you are a property manager at a high-rise office building or a facilities manager at a corporate complex, single stream provides a cost effective approach to managing your waste stream. Single stream recycling programs combine all types of paper, cardboard, plastic containers, metal containers, shrink-film, strapping (plastic and metal) as well as an array of other materials into one single collection container with no sorting necessary.

Close the Loop Recycling – Making New Products From Your Waste Stream

Pratt Recycling offers a unique closed-loop program for our box customers. Close the loop recycling brings a sustainable approach to your waste stream management. Customers purchase the 100% recycled content packaging solutions from Pratt Industries while recycling their recycled paper and corrugated with the Recycling Division. These recyclable materials are then used as the raw materials for producing more recycled content packaging. Our customers know and understand the upstream sources of the packaging and the downstream destinations for their waste stream. Our close the loop recycling programs are not only cost effective, but also can bring the social and public recognition for doing the right thing for our environment.


At Pratt Industries Recycling, our specialists understand the steps necessary to develop a program that cost effectively manages your waste stream while creating maximum landfill diversion. We take the time to learn about your business, from the number of employees to the products you produce or services you provide. Pratt Recycling knows that creating a successful program requires a solution that fits your business model and fulfills the goals of your company. Your Pratt Recycling specialist will share our best practices to ensure the on-going success and sustainability of your overall recycling waste reduction.

Pratt Industries Recycling Waste Reduction Process

Stakeholder Meeting – Establishes milestones, goals and stakeholder consensus.

Waste Assessment – Ascertains materials to be recycled and diverted, accesses current service levels and space for equipment recommendations, project savings or revenue opportunities.

Green Steering Committee – Establishes a committee of key personnel for implementation of the recycling plan.

Green Purchasing – Examines your incoming purchases and materials for recyclability and reusability. This eliminates waste before it begins.

Areas of Opportunity – Identifies and reviews areas of opportunity to divert waste and recycle materials.

Plan Implementation – Creates a plan for infrastructure and the equipment needed for the flow of materials from point of origin to final destination.

Education and Outreach – Partners with the Steering Committee for participant education to create a complete understanding of the recycling program and established goals.

Evaluation and Feedback – Tracks results against milestones and goals while providing feedback to participants on the benefits of their efforts.

Following these best practices will ensure a recycling and waste stream management program that will maximize waste diversion, create cost savings and maximize recycling revenues, while strengthening your position as a vital environmental corporate citizen.


Residential Recycling

Your residential recycling efforts do make a difference. Recycling conserves natural resources, reduces energy consumption, contributes to the economy through the creation of green collar jobs, saves money through waste diversion, produces fewer air emissions and prolongs the life of landfills.

At Pratt Recycling, we understand that recycling makes a difference, not only to our environment, but to the communities where we live and work. We recognize that each community’s needs and goals are unique, so we offer residential recycling solutions designed to support the waste-stream management initiatives of your community.

Pratt offers a variety of residential recycling solutions:

Paper and Corrugated Residential Recycling Cardboard Program

Offers a simple solution for recycling all paper products produced by your residents. Since nearly 70% of the recyclable materials produced within the community are paper and corrugated cardboard products, recycling these can create a significant impact.

Dual-Stream Residential Recycling Program

Offers a solution that increases recovery of your recyclables by adding a separate container with a combined recycling stream of plastic containers, aluminum and steel cans to be collected alongside your container filled with clean paper products.

Single-Stream Recycling Program

Offers a comprehensive recycling solution for communities wanting to maximize their recycling participation. Single-stream recycling allows for the ease and convenience of combining all recyclables such as paper, cardboard, plastic containers, aluminum and steel cans into one “single” collection stream with no sorting needed.

Drop-site Residential Recycling Program

Offers a perfect solution to communities wanting to offer recycling for residents who wish to gather their own recyclables or those who live outside current service areas. The number of drop-off sites and the types of commodities recovered are flexible, depending on the municipality’s choices and local commodity markets.

No matter which recycling solution suits your community’s needs, Pratt Recycling is committed to partnering with you to enrich educational outreach, deepen community involvement and promote continued growth in residential recycling participation. Our approach engages the entire community: citizens, local businesses, schools and civic organizations, creating strong green habits, and fostering environmental stewardship.


Recycling Equipment

Choosing the right equipment for your business is key to the success of your recycling program. Our Recycling Specialists are experts in recommending recycling equipment that are the right solutions for your business. We base our recommendations on the types and volume of materials produced with an understanding of the space available. Our equipment expertise can contribute to your overall efficiency which will impact your labor costs. We understand that an efficient, cost effective program will contribute to your company’s sustainability efforts.

Types of Recycling Equipment:


Balers compress paper, cardboard or other recyclables into blocks called bales, reducing the amount of storage space at customer sites.

Vertical Balers – This type of unit is appropriate for small manufacturers and distribution facilities. Each vertical baler will produce from 3 tons per month of material to 20 tons.

Horizontal Balers

Closed Door – Manual Tie –This unit is the next size up from the vertical and will handle 50 tons per month. Open Door – Auto Tie – This is the largest baler we supply. These units are for large facilities that produce over 100 tons of material per month.

Open Door – Auto Tie –This is the largest baler we supply.
These units are for large facilities that produce over 100 tons of material per month.

Compactor Units

Compactors are used at high volume sites. Paper, cardboard and other recyclables can be loaded loose and the material is then compacted. Compactor units can hold up to 5 tons of fiber.

Front-end Loader Bins

Front-end loader bins are ideal for customers with space restrictions or those who generate a moderate amount of recyclable material. A front-end loader bin with an 8-yard capacity will hold from 500 lbs of cardboard or up to 1500 lbs of paper.


Choppers help customers eliminate plastic and metal banding, thereby keeping it out of landfills. By chopping these materials into small pieces, these materials become more manageable and easily transportable. Choppers are available in many sizes and capacities.

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